Student and Trainee Learning Resources

Case scenarios, mini quizzes and other learning resources are added on a regular basis.  Choose one below to test your knowledge.

Gynaecological Ultrasound

Case 3 Feb 2022

Case 2 Oct 2021

Case 1 May 2021


General Medical Ultrasound

Case 4 April 2022

Case 3 August 2021

Case 2 June 2021

Case 1 April 2021

Testicular mini quiz March 2021   Answers


Obstetric Ultrasound

Case 5 June 2022

Case 4 May 2022

Case 3 Jan 2022

Case 2 Sept 2021

Case 1 April 2021


e-Learning for Healthcare

Have you accessed yet the e-learning for healthcare modules?  In partneship with Health Education England, organisations including the Society and College of Radiographers and the Royal College of Radiologists have devised interactive clinical content freely available to NHS staff and those in higher education.

Click here for ultrasound-specific Clinical Imaging learning modules.

Click here for system-specific Radiology learning modules.


Snappy Questions

Snappy Questions was a competition run in 2021 aimed only at the trainee community including student sonographers, trainee vascular scientists and trainee radiologists.  It is now closed. Thank you to all who took part.  We are now offering new competitions for trainees in 2022.