Clinical protocols and guidelines

BMUS have a number of tools available to assist in the workplace environment.

  1. Guidelines for Professional Ultrasound Practice - revised December 2019.

  2. BMUS Peer Review Audit Tool  - available to BMUS members only

  3. BMUS Justification of Referrals in Primary Care - revised December 2017, available to BMUS members only

  4. Mystery Shopper - a Quality Review Process in Radiology, December 2017 available to BMUS members only

  5. Ultrasound Transducer Decontamination, March 2020

  6. COVID-19 Lung Ultrasound Guidance, March 2020

  7. COVID-19 Lung Ultrasound Top Tips Poster, April 2020

  8. Consensus Guidelines on the Communication of Unexpected News via Ultrasound, August 2020

  9. Incidental Findings General Medical Ultrasound Examinations: Management and Diagnostic Pathways Guidance, September 2020  available to BMUS members only