BMUS Gynaecology Ultrasound Study Day

19th Apr 2018

This day will aim to advance knowledge by focusing on clinical improvement in the field and new developments. read more..

BMUS Head & Neck Ultrasound Training Day

26th Apr 2018

This day will outline the uses of Ultrasound with live demonstrations and multiple “hands-on sessions”. read more..

BMUS MSK Study Weekend

12th to 13th May 2018

A re-run of this popular study weekend, led by the MSK Sonographers Special Interest Group. read more..

International Hepatology Ultrasound Course 2018

1st to 3rd Jun 2018

This course is a comprehensive ultrasound course in hepatology to be held over 3 days. Attendees will benefit from hands-on training to compliment the essential theory sessions. The lectures will range from basic ultrasound to the assessment of chronic liver disease, vascular and biliary pathology to the latest advances such as contrast enhanced ultrasound and tissue elastography. Attendees will have the opportunity to scan both healthy volunteers and pre diagnosed patients. read more..

BMUS MSK Dissection Cadaveric Course 2018

23rd Jun 2018

The aim of this study day is to invite experienced clinicians to speak on specific musculoskeletal conditions in relation to clinical anatomy, pathology and how these relate to ultrasound imaging. read more..

BMUS Summer School 2018

28th to 29th Jun 2018

A two day course, held in Leeds with lectures and live scanning, themes and programme will follow shortly.  read more..

BMUS General Medical Ultrasound Study Day 2018

15th Sep 2018

A day covering general ultrasound scanning, held in Oxford at the prestigious John Radcliffe Hospital.  read more..

BMUS Interventional Study Day 2018

15th Sep 2018

Do you find those uncharacterised lumps that really just need a sample? Do you want to develop skills in needle placement technique?  Have you started using ultrasound guidance for your drainage or biopsy procedures but want to hone your skills? Is your service developing skill mix and you want to know how others integrate a multi-professional approach to intervention? If you answer yes to any of the above then this study day is for YOU! read more..

BMUS Paediatric Study Day 2018

28th Sep 2018

A day of lectures covering both established paediatric practice and new developments in the field. read more..