BMUS Support & Endorsement Policy

These guidelines are for individuals or organisations who wish to have their educational material endorsed, supported or promoted by the British Medical Ultrasound Society.

BMUS will consider each endorsement proposal on a case-by-case basis to ensure that it only works with organisations or individuals who are aligned to its values and charitable status.

The inclusion of the BMUS logo in any course endorsement or support, is a separate decision.  If support or endorsement is granted, BMUS shall decide whether its name or logo should be used, or whether a statement of support will be offered. (See BMUS use of logo policy).

Please note the endorsement, support or promotion does not confer any sort of accreditation, competency or CPD.

A proposal for endorsement will be considered if:

  • It fulfils BMUS’s objects and strategic aims as stated in its Memorandum of Association
  • It will not breach any current and relevant guidance from the Charity Commission
  • It does not conflict with any of BMUS’s current projects or work streams
  • It fulfils BMUS’s public benefit purpose, improves patient care, provides a benefit to members or raises the profile of BMUS
  • It has been developed by a reputable organisation with appropriate specialty (but not BMUS) involvement. 
  • The material is of a suitable content, being delivered appropriately and is on the basis of sharing good practice.
  • Proposals from an individual or organisation overseas will be considered in accordance with the Charity Commission guidance on working international to ensure that appropriate safeguards are in place and ethical considerations have been met.

Any endorsement will be underpinned by a written agreement (which for straightforward circumstances can be a letter), and must be compliant with this policy and in particular:

  • Have a clear scope and application and stipulate any exclusions
  • Be for a defined period with clear terms of notice for both parties
  • Ensures that BMUS membership and general public are aware of the date of BMUS endorsement and the maximum validity of that endorsement period
  • Safeguard the BMUS name (or logo if granted, see here for further information) and any intellectual property rights
  • Include a regular monitoring and review process

The full BMUS Support and Endorsement Policy can be downloaded here.



Please note BMUS will no longer formally allocate CPD credits for submitted educational courses by external bodies / individuals. Course organisers are responsible for quality assurance of their courses. BMUS is in agreement with the principles of CPD credits as agreed by the medical royal colleges and in particular the RCR.

The medical Royal Colleges have collectively agreed to award CPD credits on the basis of one credit per hour of teaching, learning or reflection.  BMUS recommends that this principle is followed in its own CPD Scheme. Course organisers should state on their programmes and promotional materials the number of CPD teaching credits that are available to participants.

The fundamentals of the policy are:

1. The course must have defined Learning Outcomes, making it clear what participants should know / be able to do by the end of the event.

2. Course organisers are responsible for the quality assurance of their courses and must provide evaluation forms to participants regarding the quality of the event and the achievement of the learning outcomes.

Course organisers must take account of feedback in the further development of their courses and may be asked by BMUS to provide a summary of the feedback they have collated from the event.

3.  Course organisers must issue attendance certificates to participants for the whole or part of the course they attend so that participants can claim CPD credits for the hours of teaching they receive. Course organisers should include the participant’s name for their CPD folders and appraisal evidence.

A template attendance certificate for course organisers to complete and give to participants for courses they provide, in accordance with the BMUS CPD scheme and the conditions above can be downloaded here.



If an individual or an organisation wishes to have their course promoted to BMUS members and the ultrasound community in general (normally via an e mail posting in the BMUS e-newsletter, Ultrapost) then such courses will need to be approved as suitable for education and deemed to be of interest to the BMUS membership and the community in general.

In order to facilitate an agreement to promote or advertise a course or event, the following process needs to be completed:

1.     An application is submitted outlining the proposal to BMUS at

2.    The material submitted will be assessed by members of the BMUS Science & Education Committee, (typically this will be within a 14-day time-frame).

3.    In order to endorse a course the following information is required:

  • Faculty
  • Faculty qualifications
  • Location of course
  • Target group(s)
  • Whether the course is theoretical or involves live scanning
  • The defined learning outcomes (as per CPD policy)
  • How evaluation of the material will be collated from delegates
  • How many CPD / CME points will be awarded

4.    If the course involves live scanning, this must comply with the BMUS Live Scanning statement on the BMUS website. The lead organiser should submit a statement stating that they comply with these terms. 

5.    If there is a wish for formal endorsement of the course /event by BMUS then this must be specified in writing and any separate agreement/decision will be under the terms of the endorsement policy outlined above.

6.     If there is a request to advertise/promote the course /event to members then an administration fee is required to cover the costs of promotion. See fee schedule below :



Non Commercial Courses

Website / social media listing £100.00

VAT is applicable at the current rate of 20%.

Commercial Courses

Website / social media listing £125.00

VAT is applicable at the current rate of 20%.

To apply for advertising or promotion please download the application form here.

Need further information or assistance, please contact