Physics and Safety Statements

BMUS set up a safety group in 1998 to advise membership on safety issues in ultrasound and make recommendation to them. The group consists of, at most, 6 members of whom one must be a medical practitioner, one a sonographer and one a scientist, the current Chair is Dr Prashant Verma. The Physics & Safety group's remit is to provide informed advice to the President and Council of BMUS on matters of ultrasound safety, to inform the BMUS membership about safety issues and to be a focus for action in the UK in matters of ultrasound safety. The Physics & Safety group regularly publishes a statement on the 'Safe Use, and potential hazards of diagnostic ultrasound' and has produced two guidelines one on 'Safety for trainees using live subjects' and a second for the 'Safe use of diagnostic equipment'. This second Guideline document includes guidance on the use of the safety indices (thermal index and mechanical index) that are displayed on modern imaging equipment, and contains a rationale for the recommendations made. These documents are available on the website.


1.   BMUS Statement on the Safe Use and Potential Hazards of Diagnostic Ultrasound

2.   BMUS Statement for the General Public on the Safety of Medical Ultrasound Imaging

3.   BMUS & SCoR Position Statement: The use of portable ultrasound equipment for at home pregnancy scanning (August 2020)

4.   BMUS Guidelines for the Management of Safety when using Volunteers & Patients for Practical Training and Live Demonstration in Ultrasound Scanning and Consent - Nov 2018

5.   BMUS Guidelines for the safe use of Diagnostic Ultrasound Equipment

6.   BMUS Technical Discussion, Standards, Guidance and Compliance Statements for Ultrasound

7.   BMUS Transducer Decontamination Best Practice Guidelines (March 2020)

8.   WFUMB Guidelines for cleaning transvaginal US transducers between patients and BMUS Transducer Decontamination Best Practice Guidelines (March 2020)

9.   ECMUS Statement on Souvenir Scanning  & WFUMB Statement on Souvenir Scanning

10.  EFSUMB Statement on the Safe Use of Doppler Ultrasound During Scans at 11-14 weeks (or Earlier in Pregnancy)

11.  EFSUMB Best Practice Guidance for the Safe Use of Doppler Ultrasound

12. Statement on the safe use of Doppler in fetal second and third trimester ultrasound examinations, January 2021

13. Guidance document on ultrasound safety issues when scanning a neonate, November 2021

14. Safety statement on acoustic output in application presets January 2023


Recommended Reading :


The Safe Use of Ultrasound in Medical Diagnosis - Edited by Gail ter Haar   






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