Joining & Fees

All Membership fees are categorised according to occupation and the country where the member resides, the table at the foot of the page gives the rates applicable for the current year.

As with all small membership societies our preferred payment method is by DIRECT DEBIT, this form of payment helps the Society to forward plan its finances.  All new members opting to join by direct debit enjoy a discounted rate of membership and can pay by a single instalment or by four quarterly instalments.

The BMUS membership year runs for 12 months from the date of joining. During the month preceding the end of your membership year,  an e-mail notification of your renewal for the following 12 months will be sent to your preferred contact address.

All rates rise in line with inflation on an annual basis.

Trainee membership 

  • A Trainee Sonographer membership is applicable to individuals who are on a full time recognised Ultrasound training programme, at the end of the 12 month period all trainee memberships will automatically increase to the Year 2 (Trainee Sonographer) category unless the member provides evidence of the continuation of their full-time education.  

  • A Postgraduate Trainee membership is applicable to individuals who are in employment and on a part-time, day release or distance learning course leading to a national award or a PGC/PGD/MSc in Medical Ultrasound or any other ultrasound training programme that BMUS Council may recognise from time to time.

  • Trainee membership is not available to those attending short or focussed courses.

All forms of Trainee Membership apply for 12 months in the first instance  and are payable by a single instalment.  Direct Debit payments are not applicable in Year 1, or for Trainees studying full time in Year 2, of membership.

BMUS Trainee members are also able to join the International Society for Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynaecology (ISUOG) for 2 years free of charge due to a partnership arrangement between the two Societies.  Further information can be found here and to take advantage of this offer please contact ISUOG on

Annual Cost of Membership of the Society


Direct Debit

effective 1/1/2020

Credit Card / Paypal / Cheque

effective 1/1/2020

Sonographer / Nurse / Midwife / Doctor in Training / Clinical Scientist / Physicist (UK based) £94.75 £99.75
Consultant Sonographer / Superintendant Sonographer / Advanced Practitioner / Consultant Clinical Scientist (UK based) £108.62 £113.62
Speciality Doctor - Emergency Medicine, Point of Care and other specialities (UK based) £94.75 £99.75
Consultant / Radiologist / Gynaecologist / Obstetrician / GP (UK based) £121.96 £126.96
Vascular Scientist / AAA Technician / Technical Staff (UK based) £81.66 £86.66
Veterinary Membership    
  • Veterinary Surgeon - Practice Partner / Specialist Diagnostic Imager
£121.96 £126.96
  • Veterinary Surgeon – General Practice
£94.75 £99.75
  • Veterinary Nurse / Veterinary Technician / Veterinary Ultrasound Practitioners
£75.00 £80.00
Retired / Maternity Leave / Unwaged (UK based)    
  • Available to Existing BMUS Members only 
£70.79 £75.79
Trainee Sonographer (Full-time Course) Membership (applies to UK & Europe only)     
  • Year 1
n/a £28.00
  • Year 2 - Trainee Sonographer Member (applies to existing  Yr 1 Trainee Sonographer member)  
n/a £50.00
  • Year 3 - Trainee Sonographer Member (applies to existing Yr 2 Trainee Sonographer member)
£75.00 £75.00
Postgraduate Trainee Sonographer (Part-time Course) Membership     
  • Year 1
n/a £50.00
  • Year 2 (applies to existing P/G Trainee member) 
£75.00 £75.00
European Member (includes Ireland) n/a £100.50
International Member (outside UK & Europe) n/a £122.00

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