The trustees of the charity, who are also the directors of the company, are the Officers and other members of the Council of the Society. The overall strategic direction of BMUS is determined by the Council and all the key decisions in relation to the charitable activities of the society are taken by the Council. Council members are responsible for ensuring that the Society fulfills the aims and purposes as set out in the Memorandum of Agreement for BMUS. Click here to view this document.

BMUS Council is composed of three groups of individuals. The officers are members who have served on Council and have been chosen to hold positions of responsibility within the Society. There are five Officers: the President, President Elect, Honorary Treasurer, Development Officer and Honorary Secretary (see below). The largest group on Council comprises those elected by the membership. There are seven of these members. The Articles of Association of the Society are prescriptive regarding the disciplines elected and ensure fair representation. The third group consists of those who sit on Council in a non-voting capacity who are present by virtue of their position in another society of professional group or in their capacity as organisers of the Annual Scientific Meetings. Their number is necessarily variable, but a full meeting of Council, held quarterly, could see approximately twenty professionals seated at the table. In addition, the Professional Officer and the Executive Officer attend all Council meetings.

Council is the forum at which decisions are made about the Society's professional activities. The various and varied Committees of BMUS meet independently, discuss proposals and present these with recommendations to Council for final approval. Council is a forum for discussion, debate and decision with the interests of the membership as its central tenet.

As a member of the Society, you have the ability to exercise influence via a number of routes. Firstly you can discuss you thoughts and ideas with a member of Council who would then take them, as your representative, to one of the Committees or to Council. Secondly, you may stand for council yourself, or you can write a letter or article for the Journal. Finally, you can attend the Annual Scientific Meeting and use your vote at the Annual General Meeting on the issues on the agenda. The Society belongs to the membership and there is a real opportunity to influence ideas and policies.

Council 2021

  • President of BMUS ~ Mrs Pamela Parker, Consultant Sonographer, Hull
  • President Elect ~  Prof Adrian Lim, Consultant Radiologist, London
  • Honorary Treasurer ~ Mrs Alison Hall, Sonographer, Cannock
  • Development Officer  ~ Mrs Catherine Kirkpatrick, Consultant Sonographer, Lincoln
  • Honorary Secretary ~ Dr Peter Cantin, Consultant Sonographer, Plymouth
  • Senior Journal Editor ~ Mrs Hazel Edwards, Sonographer, Leicester (Ex Officio)
  • Mr Gareth Bolton, Senior Lecturer, Lancaster
  • Dr Andrew Breeze, Consultant in Obstetrics and Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Leeds (Co-opted)
  • Dr Sian Curtis, Medical Physicist, Bristol
  • Mr Colin Griffin, Consultant Sonographer, Liverpool
  • Dr Nigel Grunshaw, Consultant Radiologist, Barrow-in-Furness
  • Mrs Terry Humphrey, Sonographer, Leeds (2021 Annual Scientific Organising Group Chair Ex Officio)
  • Mrs Khalida Jan, Consultant Sonographer, Sunderland (Co-opted)
  • Dr Jeanette Kraft, Consultant Paediatric Radiologist. Leeds
  • Dr Piero Miloro, Higher Research Scientist, Teddington 
  • Mr Stephen Moore, Sonographer, Glasgow (Co-opted)
  • Mrs Borsha Sarker, Sonographer, Darlington
  • Dr Prashant Verma, Clinical Scientist, Sheffield (Physics & Safety Group Chair ~ Ex Officio)