Use of BMUS Logo or BMUS name

BMUS is a leading UK organisation which promotes science and best practice in medical diagnostic ultrasound and is NOT a professional regulatory body. 

Membership criteria for joining BMUS requires only an interest in medical ultrasound and does not require a formal, recognised qualification in ultrasound. Therefore since BMUS is a scientific society and not a professional body and in that respect membership does not infer competence to practice in medical ultrasound.

Whilst BMUS acknowledges that individuals hosting such websites may personally be members of the Society, it is imperative that members and any patient/client reading such websites appreciate fully that membership of BMUS does not in any way imply any level of competence or experience in the practice of medical ultrasound.

Any member of the public who is attending for any ultrasound scan, MUST ensure that the person who is to perform the scan is in fact qualified to practice in ultrasound and has the competencies required to perform the scan.

BMUS also controls the use of the Society’s branding, including the logo, in respect of any courses which have BMUS endorsement.

BMUS would like to clarify that the use of the BMUS trademark / brand, including the BMUS name and / or logo, on personal or commercial stationery or any website 


permitted by the Society without first having undergone scrutiny to ensure that its use is appropriate.

To read further please see

The BMUS Use of Logo Policy and the BMUS Support and Endorsement Policy.

Any mis-use of the BMUS trademark or brand will be referred to BMUS Council.

If you have any queries on this matter, please contact the BMUS Office.