Innovations Ultrasound

Dr Kevin Martin, past President of BMUS, former Editor-in-Chief of Ultrasound, and ultrasound physicist from Leicester will edit a regular feature on new technologies and breakthroughs within the world of ultrasound physics.  Kevin and fellow physicists Professor Peter Hoskins and Dr Barry Ward will briefly discuss potentially game-changing innovations and explain their possible clinical applications and benefits.

NEW!  September 2021

This month, Dr Martin explains why newer ultrasound machines have no focal zone to adjust.  It's a neat concept and certainly one less thing to think about when working through a busy list of patients, but is there a chance you may forget to adjust the focal zone when working on older machines in your department?  Click on the link below to learn about modern focusing.

Modern focusing methods Sept 2021

Handheld devices May 2021

CMUTs March 2021