Love of Ultrasound Article by Professor Adrian Lim, BMUS President Elect

Why I Love Ultrasound – Adrian Lim 

Ultrasound is truly the “stethoscope” of the 21st century with more medical professionals embracing this technology. Its continued technological advancement makes it widely accessible, versatile and affordable where the smallest scanners now come in the size of a mobile phone. In addition, it is extremely safe and can enable a quick diagnosis as well as aid interventional procedures.

One main aspect of performing clinical ultrasound as a radiologist which I enjoy is that I get to talk to patients, take a history, which in many cases helps ascertain the diagnosis, but also provide a medical consultation. 

Unlike, the other imaging modalities, the operator has to multitask; where one has to juggle utilising the scanner optimally in order to obtain the best images but also ensure a thorough examination of the relevant regions whilst talking to the patient and formulating a diagnosis. These challenges make clinical ultrasound varied, interesting and rewarding. 

Article by Professor Adrian Lim, BMUS President Elect