Writing a Journal Article

Ultrasound journal Editor-in-Chief Colin Griffin has put together some top tips for writing a Journal article:

1) Keywords: keywords are opportunities for potential readers to locate your paper whilst using search engines. Never duplicate words from your title as this will limit your potential ability for potential readers to find your paper.
2) References: try to limit your references to within 5 years as a general rule. Up to 10 years for a limited number of references may be acceptable, but ensure a more recent reference is not available. This guideline excludes referencing seminal pieces of work when required.
3) Title: make sure your title is clear and concise and is reflective of what your paper is presenting. Clever play on words can be unique (and entertaining) but not always helpful when potential readers are searching for papers. This is where your keywords again are so important!
4) Journal guidelines: Writing a paper is an arduous and time-consuming task. When starting to write a paper, keep in mind the journal or journals that you are going to submit it to. Most peer-reviewed journals have specific submission guidelines and these can vary between journals so it is essential that you follow these guidelines prior to submission.
5) Reviewer feedback: Don’t be disheartened if your manuscript is rejected or re-writes are suggested after peer-review. This is the best way for you to get constructive and useful feedback from your peers and the editors of a journal whose aim is to help you get the best from your research.

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