Top Tips

Ultrapost will be bringing you regular top tips in different areas of Ultrasound.

Every few weeks in Ultrapost there will be a different set of top tips. We aim to bring you some short best practice examples that are easy to access and will support you in developing your technique or career. 

Starting Research and Audit

Newcastle-upon-Tyne NHS Trust, Consultant Sonographer, Ben Stenberg has put together some great top tips for starting research and audit.

Writing a Journal Article

Deputy Editor, Colin Griffin, has put together some top tips for writing a Journal article, submit your Journal articles here.

Testicular Scanning

Hazel Edwards Senior Sonographer at East & North Hertfordshire NHS Trust and a member of the BMUS Education Group has put together Five Top tips for Testicular Scanning. 

Report Writing

Hull Royal Infirmary's, Rachel Wilson, Sonographer and member of BMUS Education Group shares her top tips for report writing. 

Scanning For Groin Hernias

Senior Sonographer at East & North Hertfordshire NHS Trust, Hazel Edwards has put together Five Top tips for Scanning Groin Hernias

Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound: Technical Top Tips

Radiologist, Dr Gibran Timothy Yusef shares his Top Tips on Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound. 

Ultrasound in Rheumatology

Consultant Musculoskeletal Sonographer, Alison Hall shares her Top Tips on Ultrasound in Rheumatology

Liver Elastography

Radiologist, Professor Adrian Lim has 5 Top Tips on Liver Elastography

Ultrasound Quality Assurance

Lincoln County Hospital’s Nick Dudley, Physicist and Chair of the BMUS Physics & Safety Group, shares his top tips for QA

Evaluating new equipment features and understanding their impact

The University of Derby’s, Heather Venables, Senior Lecturer and BMUS representative to CASE Council shares her top tips for evaluation of new equipment features.

Top Tips for DVT Scans

Borsha Sarker, Clinical Specialist Sonographer - Member of BMUS Council shares her top tips for DVT Scans.

Top Tips for Evaluating a Renal Mass 

Dr Simon Freeman, Consultant Radiologist, Derriford Hospital and BMUS President

Empowering Students in Ultrasound 

Amanda Marland, University of Cumbria shares her Top Tips

Top Tips Ultrasound of Developmental Dysplasia of the Hips in Infants

CJ Browne a MSK Sonographer at the Birmingham Treatment Centre shares her top tips on Dysplasia of the Hips in infants

Top Tips to minimise the symptoms and severity of repetitive strain injury (RSI) for Sonographers

Mrs Sam Frater, Superintendent Radiographer, Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust shares her Top Tips

Top Tips For Ultrasound Probe Care 

Lincoln County Hospital’s Dr Nick Dudley shares his five top tips for ultrasound probe care. These tips can help to prolong the life of your ultrasound probe by reducing wear and tear and the risk of damage.

Medical Ultrasound Safety

The BMUS Physics and Safety committee have put together the following top 5 tips on medical ultrasound safety. 

Top Tips for beginning musculoskeletal ultrasound

Alex Boxall a Musculoskeletal Interventional Sonographer from Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Hospital, UK gives us her 5 top tips for beginning MSK Ultrasound

Five top tips on head and neck scanning

Catherine Kirkpatrick, Consultant Sonographer and Clinical Lead from United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust shares her 5 top tips on head and neck scanning

Five Top Tips for the student sonographer

Shaunna Smith Clinical Specialist Sonographer working at Hull University Teaching Hospitals has put together Five Top Tips for the student sonographer

Five Top Tips for identifying the appendix

Ruth Reeve Clinical Specialist Sonographer working at Portsmouth Hospital University has put together Five Top Tips for identifying the appendix 

Ten Top Tips in Veterinary Small Animal Abdominal Ultrasound

Angie Lloyd-Jones, CEO for Aspire Ultrasound Consultancy Services Ltd, has put together Ten Top Tips in Veterinary Small Abdominal Ultrasound. 

Five Top Tips for progressing in MSK ultrasound

Mr Kyle Foster, MSK Sonographer at Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Trust provides Five Top Tips for progressing in MSK ultrasound

Five Top Tips for Measuring Amniotic Fluid

Co-authored by Sally Holloway, Rachel Wilkins, Ellen Dyer. All are research sonographers working on the Pregnancy Outcome Prediction Study 2, and employed by the University of Cambridge at the Rosie Hospital, Cambridge.

Five Top Tips for Paediatric Scanning

Richard Brindley, Consultant Sonographer, Rheumatology, Davy Unit, Cannock, The Royal Wolverhampton Trust.

Five Top Tips for Neonatal Ultrasound Safety

Pat Duffin, Paediatric Sonographer, and Prashant Verma, Clinical Scientist, with contributions from the BMUS Physics & Safety group (Piero Miloro, Gail Ter Haar, Christoph Lees, Ben Stenberg & Caroline Shaw).