Using the Webinar Library

What is the BMUS Webinar Library, what is in it and where can I find it?

The library currently features over 23hrs of education, a total of 39 Webinars delivered by 48 expert speakers.

Since July 2020 BMUS has been recording and broadcasting educational webinars every fortnight. Additionally, in December 2020, we recorded and presented over 9hrs hours of educational material as part of BMUS Re-Imagined 2020.

The Webinar Library is held on the BMUS website in the Education and CPD area. It is accessible here. The majority of the lectures held in Webinar Library are a member benefit, as such you do need to be a member to access these. 

2021 Webinars

We have a full calendar of webinars for 2021, which include

  • The Diagnosis of Endometriosis - The Transition to Expert
  • Focused Abdominal Ultrasound - GB and Biliary Tree
  • Imaging of Salivary glands- ultrasound and beyond
    Advanced ultrasound in hand trauma: How we scan these cases and what the surgeons wish to know. Obstetrics – Cervical Length
  • RIF Pain – is it Appendicitis? The role of ultrasound
  • Carotid Stenosis– Diagnosis & Reporting
  • Abdominal Common diffuse conditions of the liver
  • Soft Tissue Lumps - When should I be suspicious?
  • As part of this plan, we also have a reciprocal arrangement with the Australian Sonographers Association (ASA) to share content.

Member Feedback

'Excellent discussion of how to perform arm DVT scanning with live scanning and images obtained. Good review of anatomy.' Vascular Ultrasound – Help I don’t do arms

'Both presenters gave easy to follow and interesting presentations. The information was concise and to the point and the images used were excellent.' MSK Part 3

'Thoroughly enjoyed. Succinct informative and immensely useful' How to perform and interpret uterine artery Doppler in the second trimester

Viewing Webinars

There are two types of Webinar and we normally feature one of each type every month.

Type 1 – a simple pre-recorded lecture with one or two speakers. This is made available, to those who have registered, for 2 weeks from broadcast. 

Type 2 – a multidisciplinary presentation with 2-3 speakers, usually with pre-recorded content and broadcast live on a Wednesday evening at 7pm. This is followed by a live Q&A around 8pm. The pre-recorded element is available, to those who have registered, for 2 weeks from broadcast.

How to access the BMUS Webinar Library

The BMUS Webinar Library can be found on our website in our Education and CPD area, under CPD Resources. The list of webinars in the library is available for all to view, however the majority of the individual webinar pages are BMUS member only access. There are a number of ‘open for all’ webinars to view, namely -

Some of our most popular Webinars

  • How to perform and interpret uterine artery Doppler in the second trimester
  • Case studies in Gynaecology Ultrasound
  • Paediatric Testicular Ultrasound
  • Vascular Ultrasound - Help I don't do arms
  • ‘Adenomyosis’ a uterine mystery

Member Feedback

Excellent presentation. Presenter clearly understood his subject inside out and had a very clear and relatable manner. - Ultrasound Physics Revision Workshop for the First FRCR Examination

Very interesting and informative. Several new learning points noted - Case studies in Gynaecology Ultrasound

Excellent, well presented, accurate and liked the further reading section - Giant Cell Arteritis