BMUS Sounding Board

Terms of Reference


This Board has been set up to encourage wider engagement with BMUS members and to create a forum to ensure BMUS is seeking and considering the views of all members. The group will support the work of BMUS and its associated Special Interest Groups and Committees.


This is a voluntary Board and members can join and leave at any time.

The Sounding Board will be a sub group of the Education Group and will work with the Development Manager.

A record of membership will be kept and can be confirmed for Professional Development purposes.


Members will be invited from:

  1. those that select ‘Opportunity to get involved in BMUS Committees’ in response to ‘Please tell us why you are a BMUS Member?’ and are not already involved in BMUS activities.
  2. Those that have applied to be a member of a Special Interest Group or Council and have been unsuccessful.

We will regularly advertise for members through Ultrapost and our social media sites.

Only BMUS Members can be members of the Sounding Board.

There will be no limit to the number of members of this group.


The Sounding Board will be asked to engage in a number of activities including (but not limited to)

  • Be an advocate of BMUS
  • Website review project
  • Social media interaction – each member should engage regularly in their preferred social media (twitter, facebook or linkedin). By engagement we mean, liking, sharing and commenting where appropriate.
  • Contribute to BMUS information sharing features such as Top Tips articles, Interesting Cases.
  • Respond to BMUS surveys and polls when they take place.
  • Consultation group : the various committees may ask for advice and opinion as to potential future projects /ideas for BMUS.


This group will be managed virtually with no physical meetings. The majority of communications will be done via email and a suitable contact email must be provided.

Each request for action from the Sounding Board will come with clear instructions and suitable completion dates.

The Development Manager will keep a record of members of this group.

For any questions or information, please email Emma Tucker