Student Sonographer

 Katie Newstead

My name is Katie Newstead, and until very recently I have been practicing as a fully qualified Diagnostic Radiographer at United Lincolnshire Hospital Trust.

Since before starting my undergraduate degree in Diagnostic Radiography, I had always wanted and aspired to become a Sonographer. Therefore, I recently applied for the training  position at ULHT, for the opportunity to go back to education and to undertake my postgraduate masters course in Medical Ultrasound.

The reasons for wanting to do Ultrasound are wide and varied; however there were two fundamental incentives that motivated me further into this career. Ultrasound is perfect for  challenging me academically and professionally whilst also enabling me with advanced accountability and autonomy.

Primarily these facets of the career are why ultrasound means so much to me. Ultrasound encompasses all my professional aspirations as it enables me to work independently knowing   that I am providing a gold standard service to my patients possible with the advanced acquired knowledge that you will gain from university and from your clinical placement.

Since I have started studying at the University of Derby, I have found the lectures both fascinating and thought provoking. It has only furthered my interest and love for this modality. The   postgraduate course is extremely academic which is perfect for professionals that wish to expand their knowledge base, improve skills and capabilities.

My hopes and aspirations for my future career is to keep building and broadening my academic portfolio; to always strive to advance my education in the medical ultrasound field in order to be at the forefront of new technologies and advances within this sector. I wish to deliver optimal care for patients by always striving to keep my knowledge current and relevant in medical ultrasound.