Director Of Medical Engineering and Physics

Dr Colin Deane

I’ve been using ultrasound to help diagnose vascular disease for 30 years. I’ve been teaching people for only a little less. Ultrasound is a wonderfully powerful tool to image, measure and assess vascular disease.  Each patient is a different puzzle, ultrasound has unique set of capabilities to help in solving these puzzles.  Over the years, image quality and ultrasound’s versatility has improved and now we can take portable scanners to clinics to bring imaging and expertise to local centres rather than having to bring patients to large city hospitals.  Pretty soon, cheap ultrasound scanners will be available to virtually any clinician who thinks they need to use it. This is an enticing prospect but will provide challenges to ensure that these practitioners will be suitably trained. Ultrasound has been an exciting field to be a part of. I’m sure this will continue.