An unusual finding for left iliac fossa pain


Submitted by : Georgiana Zamfir1, Peter Cantin21Peninsula Radiology Academy/ 2Derriford Hospital, Plymouth


A 61-year-old female patient was referred for an abdominal ultrasound to investigate 3 day history of left iliac fossa pain. On further assessment, the pain was described as being intermittent and exacerbated by movement. There were no urinary symptoms and no change in bowel habits. The patient was otherwise fit and well and had a previous cholecystectomy.

Representative sonographic images of the abdominal scan are shown below:

Figure 1. Longitudinal image of the spleen

Figure 2. Longitudinal image of the left kidney

Figure 3. Transverse image through the left upper quadrant



Figure 4. Targeted longitudinal sections over the LIF

What is the most likely diagnosis and differential diagnosis?

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