BMUS 2020 Re-Imagined


‘Adenomyosis – a uterine mystery’ (Open Access for March is Endometriosis Month 2024)
Miss Naomi Page, Mrs Alison Smith, Dr Jonathan Gaughran

Guidelines for Growth Scans – report from the BMUS Special Interest Group
Dr Trish Chudleigh, Dr Nick Dudley, Mrs Gill Harrison, Prof Christoph Lees, Ms Emily Skelton and Dr Rita Philips

Update on Current FASP projects
Mrs Teresa Lardner and Dr Rita Philips

How to diagnose Deep Endometriosis on transvaginal ultrasound (Open Access for March is Endometriosis Month 2024)
Dr Susanne Johnson Supported by GE Healthcare

Top Tips For Pancreas and Adrenal Gland Identification In Small Animal Abdominal Ultrasound (Member Only)
Mrs Angie Lloyd-Jones

Making the transition from Human to Small Animal; what I wish I had known (but I'm glad no one told me!) (Member Only)
Mrs Julie Burnage

Advances on fetal heart imaging and function assessment (Member Only)
Prof Julene S Carvalho, Supported by, Hitachi Medical Systems

Young Investigator Session (Member Only)

Utilising Renal Ultrasound Insonation to Augment Serum Detection of miRNA Biomarkers of Renal Injury, Fibrosis and Repair.
Oliver Teenan
Contrast enhanced ultrasound of the lung during the COVID-19 pandemic
Alice Tee
Improved drug delivery to the brain with Rapid Short-Pulses of focused ultrasound and microbubbles
Sophie Morse
Brain tissue pulsations in healthy volunteers
Poppy Turner


The Philips AAA model and the future of 3D Aortic Assessment (Member Only)
Nadine Deschamps, Supported by Philips

Overview of contrast imaging techniques (Member Only)
Prof Carmel Moran

The effect of COVID-19 on DVT Services (Member Only)
Dr Steven K Rogers

EVAR Surveillance Evaluation Study (Member Only)
Mr Matthew Joe Grima

Preceptorship.  Where are we now and what do we need to do
Dr Peter Cantin

Professional Issues - Incidental Findings 
Mrs Catherine Kirkpatrick

Advanced US techniques in paediatric liver imaging (Member Only)
Mrs Terry Humphrey
How to scan for renal transplant (Member Only)
Dr Peter Cantin
Microflow Imaging of Liver Lesions (Member Only)
Prof Adrian Lim 
Steatosis to Fibrosis. The Complete Liver (Member Only)
Jane Hanford, Supported by Canon
What is PoCUS all about?  

Emergency Medicine - pocus in the ED cardiac arrest and refining differentials
Dr Anna Colclough 

Acute medicine, DVT and Procedures
Dr Nick Smallwood 

Intensive care- Lung Ultrasound
Dr Adrian Wong

Military  - nuanced applications in austere environment and futures incl tele-guidance and reach back. 
Major Georgie Blenkinsop

Lung US (Member Only)
Dr Adrian Wong
Head and Neck: lessons learned (Member Only)
Prof Rhodri Evans