Sonographer Lead Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound Service - is there more we can offer?

Andrew Hunter, Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust 


Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS) has been delivered in our institution since 2004. The service started to assess incidental focal liver lesions. Service audit in 2008 demonstrated concordance between CEUS and secondary imaging of 88% (12% discrepancy rate). Incidental findings from non-contrast CT/CT colonoscopy has seen increase in CEUS to characterise incidental lesions, for which we have developed a sonographer led CEUS service. Despite NICE (2012) and EFSUMB (2017/2018) guidelines, which all advocate the use of CEUS as a first line investigation, limited adoption of CEUS led services exist due to lack of support from some radiologists and clinicians.

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