February Poster Presentations 2018

Below are all the posters that have featured in February editions of Ultrapost. 

The role of elastography in the assessment of thyroid nodules and its future direction

Jake Wheater, Ultrasound, Radiology York NHS Hospitals

H & N

Paediatric thyroid lesions

Thomas Davies, Karis McFeely, Judith Foster, Radiology Plymouth University Hospital Trust 


Low Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound for bone regeneration therapy: a controlled in vitro study method

Jill Savva, Margaret Lucas, Helen Mulvana, Medical and Industrial Ultrasonics, School of Engineering, University of Glasgow


Ultrasound evaluation of obstructive jaundice in patients presenting to a 'one-stop' jaundice clinic. A retrospective audit in a single centre

Caron Dames, Georgina Edwards, Rebecca Murphy, Thomas Welsh, Peter Cantin, University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust, Derriford Hospital

Gen Med