Ectopic splenic tissue, the value of contrast enhanced ultrasound

Ross Kruger, Simon Freeman, Derriford Hospital, University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust

Two forms of ectopic splenic tissue are recognised, splenosis and accessory spleens. Both are often discovered as incidental findings and commonly pose a diagnostic dilemma due to their ability to mimic more sinister pathology. As splenic tissues have a characteristic sonographic appearance when ultrasound contrast microbubbles are administered, ultrasound is a valuable tool in conforming the diagnosis. Unfortunately, it is often underused.

This poster will demonstrate a series of cases of ectopic splenic tissues and give an overview of the classical diagnostic features, paying particular attention to their sonographic appearance with contrast ultrasound.

It is hoped that the poster will help to educate the reader as to the benefits of contrast enhanced ultrasound in such cases, and how this can help to avoid investigations with an ionising radiation burden and unnecessary surgical interventions.

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