May Poster Presentation

Below are all the posters that have featured in May editions of Ultrapost. 

What is the impact of changing body position on liver stiffness estimates obtained using point shearwave elastography in fasted healthy volunteers?

Suman Bassi1, Anne-Marie Culpan2, Kirstie Godson2, 1Philips Clinical Applications Specialist, 2University of Leeds

Gen Med

In vivo validation of 3D transperineal ultrasound estimates of prostate motion during radiotherapy

Alexander Grimwood1, Helen McNair2, Tuathan O’Shea2, Jeffrey C Bamber1, Alison Tree2, Emma Harris1, 1Radiotherapy and Imaging, Institute of Cancer Research, 2Radiotherapy and Imaging, Royal Marsden Hospital, London


Is a full bladder still necessary for pelvic ultrasound?

Susan Unwin-Golding, Radiology, Plymouth Hospital NHS Trust, Plymouth


Is it possible to predict the eventual outcome of a Graf Type IIa Hip by graphical extrapolation?

Deirdre Walden, Princess Anne Hospital, Southampton


Is there a link between shoulder pain, shoulder capsule width and rotator cuff (RTC) pathology?

Damien Laruelle, European School of Osteopathy, UK