Clinical role extension for sonographers: A case report

Angela Dowle, Peter Cantin, Ultrasound, Derriford Hospital, Plymouth

Clinical role extension is an essential facet of sonographer practice.  Extending clinical roles have the potential to enhance patient pathways by widening access for patients to more specialised ultrasound examinations.  For the ultrasound practitioner, properly delegated role extension can help to retain role satisfaction while maintaining a safe, supportive environment.

This poster describes a training package for sonographers in head and neck ultrasound, including the performance of invasive tests where needed.  We describe the documentation, training, assessment, governance and on-going CPD which are necessary to ensure that extended practice is safe and well-accepted by clinicians within and without the imaging department.

It is hoped that our experience may be used as a framework for other sonographers in developing their own extended clinical practice roles.

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