Impact of an intensive ultrasound training block on trainee competence

Sarah Hamilton1, Katharine Orr1, Peter Cantin2, 1Imaging Peninsula Radiology Academy, 2Imaging Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust

Ultrasound training involves a steep learning curve and within the current clinical climate there is ever increasing pressure on departments to optimise the efficiency of their ultrasound service.  It is increasingly important therefore that we deliver ultrasound training that is effective for trainees, and helps them achieve competence as early in their training as possible, whilst minimising impact on service provision.

In our institution ST1 ultrasound training is multifaceted, involving simulator training, small group tutorials and small group clinical cases in addition to clinical supervised scanning, which all run alongside other modality learning. Two years ago we introduced a dedicated intensive month long ultrasound block, which all trainees rotated through during the first year of training.

Trainees are assessed utilising a standardised assessment template after 10 months of training when most, but not all trainees have rotated through the block.  To assess the impact of introducing a dedicated ultrasound block, we intend to compare the assessment scores from those who have completed their ultrasound block with those who have not.

We will use the data from these assessments to demonstrate the impact of an intensive ultrasound block on trainee competence.

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