Scrotal Ultrasound: It’s Not All About the Testes

Justin Davies, Sonographer, Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Ultrasound is used as the primary imaging modality to assess the scrotum for both acute and chronic conditions. NICE (2022) recommends that patients be referred for ultrasound scans of the scrotum where there are unexplained testicular symptoms or for scrotal swelling which cannot be determined whether it is intra- or extra-testicular; this is often when a patient has incidentally found something abnormal during self-examination or has experienced scrotal pain. These symptoms can often be extra-testicular in origin. A variety of appropriate extra-testicular scrotal ultrasound cases were identified such as spermatocele, haematocele, scrotal hernia, scrotoliths and scrotal oedema. All cases were seen and assessed during 2021 to 2022 at the Great Western Hospital, Swindon.

This poster aims to demonstrate a wide range of extra-testicular scrotal pathology and can be viewed as a guide for sonographers and clinicians with an interest in scrotal ultrasound showing some of the common extra-testicular findings that may be found.

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