Integrating Flipped/Blended Learning into the Ultrasound Clinical Governance Session

Farrah Stephanie Elsaghir, MSc Medical Ultrasound Course Lead, AECC University College


Education and training is one of the pillars of clinical governance that helps to maintain and improve the quality of patient care within the NHS. The impact of COVID-19 has disrupted the delivery of governance sessions; original large departmental face-to-face sessions have changed because of social distancing, staff sickness or staff having to isolate. Furthermore, part-time staff often miss clinical governance sessions and do not have the opportunity to maintain training compared to full-time staff. The need to deliver education and training is still crucial for staff development and optimising patient care and safety. This poster explores how flipped learning combined with blended learning that is used within academic institutions can also be used to deliver clinical governance within the ultrasound department.

Case report

Considering the IMPALA framework and its components, the following format is an alternative provision that could be used to deliver governance:

• Online presentation, including a video/audio clip

• Self-directed study/activity

• Face-to-face or online session

The format would ideally suit new guidelines being introduced into a department, for example applying O-RADS to images. Similarly, the format would suit education and training in case studies, protocols and even departmental quizzes or discussion forums. Including video/audio allows staff to feel in touch and be included with their peers despite circumstances potentially not allowing all to be present.


Pillars of governance are crucial to delivering optimal patient care. The education component is also very important to ultrasound practitioners. CPD is continuous and staff should be provided with equal opportunities despite working patterns or absence. Alternative methods to deliver governance sessions should be used as well as the traditional departmental/face-to-face session. The given format allows the ultrasound department to give education and training to all staff, maintaining staff CPD and optimal patient care.

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