Poster Presentation 2022

At the 2022 Annual Scientific Meeting in Cardiff we had 51 posters displayed in the Exhibition Hall and each of the abstracts were published in the proceedings and will be also published in the e-supplement with the May 2023 Ultrasound journal.

Set out below is a list of the posters linked to the abstract and an electronic copy of the poster. Over the next 12 months each of the posters wil be featured in our electronic newsletter, Ultrapost.

Incidental Finding of a Peripheral Nerve Sheath Sarcoma - Sadie Dunn, Benenden Hospital

Thyroid U-scoring and subsequent fine needle aspiration cytology: A quality improvement project, Jordan Ng Cheong Chung, Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Interesting cases of the three-dimensional (3D) uterus/endometrium in patients with suspected infertility, Farrah Elsaghir, Pamela Norbury, Royal United Hospital, Bath

High Frequency ultrasound - Use in the Photo Dynamic Therapy Clinic, Colin Swift The Chrisitie NHS Foundation Trust

Pops2 Patient and Public Involvement (PII): Avoiding Tokenism and Gathering Meaningful Feedback To Shape Research Delivery, Ellen Dyer, Amy Sutton-Cole, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Cambridge

Live interstitial ectopic pregnancy, Carol Green, Bradford Teaching Hospital Foundation Trust

Audit of ultrasound guided percutaneous renal biopsies performed in a large teaching hospital, Lois Scoffield, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Pelvic phleboliths as a diagnostic challenge for the ultrasound specialist, Olga Pushkarenko, Uzhhorod National University, Poland

Rectus abdominis muscle haematoma – Rare cause for acute right iliac fossa pain, Emma Smith, Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust

A Rare Case of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia Breast Metastasis – Sonography’s RoleCiara Maguire, Radiography and Diagnostic Imaging, School of Medicine, University College Dublin, Ireland; Radiology Department, St. James’s Hospital, Dublin, Ireland

Passive hepatic congestion – A forgotten cause of abnormal LFTs? Jamie Wild, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals

Can ultrasound simulation practice enhance practical skills and academic knowledge?, Mohammad Haroon Qarib, London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust Ultrasound Academy

Early experience of micro-ultrasound prostate imaging, Pam Parker University of Hull & Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, Hull

Scrotal Ultrasound: It’s Not All About the Testes!, Justin Davies, Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Ultrasound past, present and exciting future, Richard Beese, Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Kings College Hospital London

Granulosa cell tumour of the ovary, Deirdre Murphy, University Hospital Southampton NHS Trust

How accurate is ultrasound in diagnosing molar pregnancy?, Alex Rourke, Nottingham University Hospitals

Imaging of urethral and sub-urethral masses - The University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust experience, Rameesha Anwar, University Hospital North Midlands NHS Trust

Is three-dimensional ultrasound or magnetic resonance imaging more effective in the diagnosis of congenital uterine anomalies? Manjit Bual, University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust

The role of a standardised ultrasound-reporting template to report and diagnose deep infiltrative endometriosis (DIE), Rebecca Bird MSc., Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Adenomyosis: What the sonographer needs to know, Kelly Foley-Friel, Medica Diagnostics, Ireland

Sonographer-led One-Stop Neck Lump Clinic – 3-year Review, Nicki Davidson, Worcestershire Acute NHS Trust

Haematocolpos, Deirdre Murphy, Ultrasound Training Academy, University Hospital Southampton NHS Trust

Preceptorship – Newly Qualified Graduate to Sonographer, Nicki Davidson, Worcestershire Acute NHS Trust

Can a Sonographer be Trained to be Proficient in Head & Neck Ultrasound with Fine-needle Aspiration Cytology? Mrs Roma Dave, Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust

The Role of Ultrasound in a Radiolucent Ingested Fish Bone: A Case Report, K. Vadhavania, London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust

Hamstring muscle architecture using wide field-of-view ultrasound: A reliability study, Kevin Cronin, Radiography and Diagnostic Imaging, School of Medicine, University College Dublin, Ireland

Case report of an interstitial ectopic pregnancy, Carol Green, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Audit of patients for right iliac fossa pain with clinical concern for appendicitis referred for ultrasound: Do the ultrasound findings correlate with surgical findings? Wilson, T., Radiology Department, Hull Royal Infirmary, Hull

Give it a whirl: Sonographic signs to look out for in testicular torsion, Kelly Foley-Friel, Ultrasound, Medica Diagnostics Ireland, Dublin

A modified Edinburgh Pipe Phantom to quantify the effect of slice thickness on the imaging performance of curvilinear probes, Carmel Moran, Centre for Cardiovascular Science, University of Edinburgh

The Benefits and Technique of Ultrasound-guided Central Vascular Access, Dr R. Beese MRCP FRCR, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woolwich, London

Point of Care Echo: One image, 3 Questions, Dr Divya Priya, York Hospital, London

Acoustic Times or … Scan you believe it?! Ultrasound governance: Communicating standards during a pandemic, Helen Brown, Shrewsbury & Telford Hospital NHS Trust

The role of ultrasound simulation in increasing Clinical Placement capacity for BSc (Hons) Radiography students – how did the students feel? Donna Holdcroft, University of Liverpool

Integrating Flipped/Blended Learning into the Ultrasound Clinical Governance Session, Farrah Stephanie Elsaghir, MSc Medical Ultrasound Course Lead, AECC University College

Everybody Hurts: What can physical health professionals learn about how mental health professionals support their own emotional resilience and mental health? Melanie Burton, M.Sc., Music Psychotherapist

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on clinical guidance, risk assessment and support for UK obstetric sonographers, by Emily Skelton, University of London

Our journey from the peripatetic ultrasound trainers to the Ultrasound Training Academy – HEE (South East), by Famida Sadak, Ultrasound Training Academy, HEE (South East) University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

The value of participatory ergonomics in reducing work-related pain in sonographers, Kristie Sweeney, Medical Imaging, Western NSW LHD, and Faculty of Medicine and Health, University of Sydney

Optimisation of ultrasound equipment using a phantom as part of the Annual Quality Assurance Program (QA), Justyna Janus, Medical Physics Department, University Hospitals of Leicester

Pitfall in the ultrasound scanning of the abdominal aorta, Jonathan Dube, University College Dublin, University Hospital Kerry

Service Evaluation: Do referrals into the community deep-vein thrombosis ultrasound service meet the agreed criteria? Emma Mitchell, Sonographer, Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust