Updates to NHS's Fetal Anomaly Screening Programme handbook (FASP)

20th Nov 2023

Thanks to attendees’ discussions at the recent BMUS Obstetrics Study Day in Birmingham on 6th October, important changes have been made to key NHS guidance – the Fetal Anomaly Screening Programme handbook (National guidance, information and processes for the NHS fetal anomaly screening programme) – also known as the FASP handbook. These changes have brought the FASP handbook into agreement with the guidance given in the Saving Babies’ Lives Care Bundle (SBLCB) v3, which states that a two-vessel cord is a risk factor for fetal growth restriction and if identified should prompt referral for a uterine artery Doppler and additional growth scans according to locally agreed pathways.

To see these latest changes to the Handbook, see the FASP Handbook: 20-week screening scan 2.4 Normal variants.

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