Survey: Do Decontamination Methods Affect the Lifetime of Transvaginal Ultrasound Probes?

13th Sep 2023

Help BMUS and IPEM study how to help prolong the lifetime of transvaginal ultrasound probes – take our survey.

In the last 2 years, an increase in the number of damaged transvaginal probes has been observed. Discounting user error, the root cause of this increase is unidentified. Greater turnover of probes is costing hospitals large sums of money in repair and replacement. Service delivery is affected, especially in smaller departments that don’t have backup equipment readily available.

The aim of this survey is to collect information from users of transvaginal probes about the cleaning and decontamination procedures they use, and patterns of damage that have been identified. This information will be used to determine whether correlations can be made between specific procedures and premature probe damage.

Please follow the link to the survey.

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