Pre-owned Equipment Checklist for Ultrasound Equipment Published to Set Best Practice

8th Sep 2023

AXREM, the UK trade association representing suppliers of diagnostic medical imaging, radiotherapy, healthcare IT & care equipment, have announced the release of the Pre-owned Equipment Checklist, developed jointly with AXREM, SoR & IPEM.

The purpose of this ultrasound checklist is to increase the transparency of the history and current condition of pre-owned ultrasound systems before purchase, thereby helping to safeguard potential buyers and sellers of used and refurbished equipment. The checklist has been designed to allow potential buyers to make more informed decisions, based on relevant information supplied by sellers; it is not, however, in itself intended to provide detailed guidance on the purchase of pre-owned equipment.

Professor Adrian Lim, President of the British Medical Ultrasound Society, said, “This checklist will help healthcare professionals to apply good clinical governance, based on international standards, when they are considering the purchase of pre-owned ultrasound equipment”.

AXREM endeavour to promote best practice based on the knowledge and experience of the industry providers who have helped prepare this checklist, which can be viewed

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