BMUS Obstetrics Study Day 2021

14th Oct 2021

This educational event is suitable for Sonographers in both public and private practice ‘

Talks and what will be covered:

Interesting cases – These will be from Dr.Coady and will cover a range of abnormalities across all areas of the fetal body. These will be 2nd and 3rd trimester abnormalities to ensure minimal overlap with the 13-week anomaly scan lecture.

Scanning in the private sector – Cathy Stewart discusses how to set up a service/manage a service in the private sector. This lecture will consider the pro’s and con’s of private practice.

13-week anomaly scan – Dr Fred Ushakov explores the fetal anatomy at 12-14 weeks, to improve abnormality detection at earlier gestations. This lecture will explore areas of anatomy that would normally be underappreciated.

Dopplers in pregnancy – Alexandra Drought discusses when to perform middle cerebral artery Dopplers and ductus venosus Dopplers in pregnancy. This lecture outlines when each Doppler type is useful for fetal management and what values are normal/abnormal. The lecture will also discuss the understanding of the uterine artery Dopplers and what the values mean in practice.

Interactive session – Cathy Stewart and Shaunna Smith will test to make sure you have been listening! The finale of the day will be an interactive question and answer session (will require some form of interactive software i.e. Socrates) to recap questions about the day i.e. images of abnormalities with multiple choice questions and images of Doppler traces with multiple choice answers.

This course will take place at the Holiday Inn Reading South M4

Full programme available here. 


Member £100
Non-Member £150


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