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This webinar hopes to develop the sonographer’s understanding of the purpose of uterine artery Doppler in obstetric ultrasound and how and when to perform them.  Saving Babies’ Lives Care Bundle Version 1 was written to improve outcomes for women and babies.  Since its implementation, it appears to have contributed to the stillbirth rate in England falling to a historical low.  The NHS Long Term Plan is committed to realising a 50% reduction in stillbirth, maternal mortality, neonatal mortality and serious brain injury and a reduction in preterm birth rate, from 8% to 6%, by 2025.

NHS England’s ‘Saving Babies’ Lives Care Bundle Version 2’ was published in March 2019.  In the second version, there was an updated element, which recognised that uterine artery Doppler measurement used in the second trimester (20 – 24 weeks) may further determine the risk of placental dysfunction and therefore risk of hypertensive disorders or early onset FGR for women at high risk.  However, training of the ultrasonography workforce in how to perform uterine artery Doppler is still a requirement in some departments.  This webinar aims to address some of the training requirements amongst ultrasonographers.

Delivered by: 
Alexandra Drought MSc PG Dip BSc (Hons)
Superintendent Ultrasonographer
SCoR Accredited Consultant Ultrasonographer

Alexandra studied for a Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Ultrasound in 1995.  Upon qualifying she worked as an ultrasonographer at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital for 7 years and completed a Master’s Degree in Clinical Ultrasound in 2000. For the last 17 years Alexandra has been Superintendent of obstetrics and gynaecology ultrasound at the West Middlesex University Hospital. Alexandra is a SCoR accredited Consultant ultrasonographer in obstetrics and gynaecology ultrasound and sits on the BMUS education group and the Professional Standards group.

Supporting Documents (kindly shared by United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust) 

  1. Uterine Artery Competency Template
  2. Leaflet Uterine Artery Doppler