Focused Abdominal Ultrasound - GB and Biliary Tree

This webinar will cover both common and rarer gallbladder and biliary pathology, including polyps and how to manage them. It will also cover what findings and measurements are useful to include in a report for the surgeon and why and include how clinical practice and reporting can progress to become more focused upon the clinical question being asked. 

We will cover anatomy, technique and pathologies. There will be input from a radiologist, surgeon and Sonographer, who will discuss their expectations of an ultrasound scan report and outline complimentary imaging and surgical treatment of biliary pathology and how this can vary, dependent on the patients clinical presentation, blood tests and imaging findings. 

Talks and titles included in the Webinar,

GB and Biliary Tree Soft tissue lesions and other GB pathology, Mr Sanjay Tarabagil, Consultant Surgeon, Gateshead
Obstructive LFTs and their causes – tips on reporting usefully, Stephen Moore,
Imaging investigation of jaundice and biliary obstruction beyond abdominal ultrasound, Dr James Cast Consultant Radiologist Hull
Live Question and Answer