Diagnostic Medical and Small Animal Veterinary Sonographer

Profile on Angie Lloyd-Jones DCR DMU

I qualified as a Medical Diagnostic Radiographer in Plymouth in 1988 and subsequently worked in a variety of acute NHS Hospitals across London and the South of England. In 1993 I qualified as an Ultrasound Practitioner in General Medicine, Gynaecology, Obstetrics and Vascular modalities. With 25 years of dedicated diagnostic medical ultrasound experience, I have worked in a variety of demanding clinical, managerial, clinical teaching and senior lecturer roles within the NHS, Public Health Wales, Higher Education Institutes and the Private Imaging sector across England and Wales.

In the last 2 years I have diversified my clinical practice to include Small Animal Veterinary Ultrasound and is encouraging other sonographers to consider this field as part of an exciting addition to the conventional sonographer role extension.

I still remain current and heavily involved within both the ‘human’ and ‘animal’ ultrasound world, having set up an Ultrasound Training and Consultancy company and through my commitment to The Northwest Veterinary Specialists Hospital for Small Animals in Runcorn, Cheshire.

As anyone who knows me may agree that I have an infectious passion for both the clinical practice and theoretical aspects of Ultrasound teaching - always ready to help others embrace the wonders of the unique imaging modality of ultrasound.

My primary aim now is to capitalise on the transferable skills and abilities gained from my varied ultrasound experience to date. Working collaboratively with colleagues and trainees in both the Veterinary and Diagnostic Medical fields alike, I strive to raise awareness of the best practice principles necessary in delivering a first-class clinical ultrasound service, offering support and guidance to all levels of clinical ultrasound practice.

I will be chairing the re-introduction of the Veterinary Stream at this year’s BMUS 50th Anniversary Scientific Conference on Wednesday 5th December.