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Ultrasound 2022 - Trainee Student Abstract Submission System

This is the abstract submission system for the Ultrasound 2022 student and trainee educational stream. To submit an abstract for consideration to the society, please follow the instructions below.

Message from Student and Trainee stream orgniser Dr Rita Philips

As a student or trainee, you may have been involved with some interesting initiatives of clinical application for example evaluated new technology, explored professional issues regarding sonography or even seen some unusual cases. The findings from MSc projects, audits or service evaluations are also important research activities for dissemination to the wider audience. The BMUS Training Stream is an ideal forum for you to present your work and share good practice with your peers. This is also a very good opportunity to develop and enhance your presentation skills in a safe and supportive environment and get feedback if you intend to publish your work. Supervisors, mentors and managers are asked to actively encourage and support their students and trainees to proffer papers for this conference.


The abstract judging process is anonymous. Please ensure in your abstract and supporting documents there are no identifying features. The Student and Trainee Educational Stream is only taking Oral abstracts and case studies. 

It is recommended that you write your abstract in Word and then copy and paste your abstract into the Abstract content box on the form. This is the preferred method. Use the upload option for any supporting files.

Author Details

  • The primary author will be the corresponding author, these details will be used for all correspondence.
  • In the 'Add Additional Authors' tab, please enter the names and details of ALL authors, in the order they are to appear in the published abstract. Please include their place of work in full. 
  • Please indicate who will be the presenting author, if different from the first author

Scientific Abstract

  • Use no more than 300 words for the abstract
  • Please structure the oral abstract to include the following information:
    • The objective or aim of the study
    • The methods used
    • The results obtained (using numerical data if available)
    • The conclusions drawn from the work
  • The abstract should be submitted through the online form and not uploaded as a written document
  • The abstract process is anonymous, none of the supporting documents should identify the authors
  • Please spell check your abstract. What you write in your abstract is what is published
  • Abstracts not following these guidelines maybe declined

Case Studies

  • Use no more than 300 words for the abstract
  • Please structure the abstract, where possible, to include the following information
    • Background
    • Case Report
    • Discussion

Submission Deadline
Submissions for Student and Trainee abstracts is closed due to a high number of papers. if you would like to submit your abstrct then contact emma@bmus.org

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