Best Practice Case Study

Physiological Measurements Ltd becomes NHS lead provider for Non-Obstetric Ultrasound Service for Dartford Gravesham and Swanley CCG

Regional diagnostics provider, Physiological Measurements has become the lead provider of referred ultrasound diagnostic tests in the Dartford Gravesham and Swanley Clinical Commissioning Group (CGG) area.

The recently published National Cancer strategy highlighted the importance of GPs having timely access to diagnostic services for diagnosing suspect cancer - and it has also been identified that access to timely diagnostics is the biggest bottleneck in the patient journey.

All Non-Obstetric Ultrasound referrals will be sent directly to Physiological Measurements, who will carry out timely ultrasound scans – working as a fully integrated partner and easing strain on the NHS. The new service is expected to deliver quicker results of ultrasound tests in an appropriate setting.

Physiological Measurements Ltd will be the only provider for the service and has received outstanding patient reviews, with 99% of users across 44 areas recommending its services.

Patricia Davies, Accountable Officer of NHS Dartford, Gravesham and Swanley CGG, said: “We are delighted to work with this new provider to ensure that they provide high quality diagnostic services for our patients. This new process aims to provide patients with a timely local service.”

Andrew Honeyman, Director of Physiological Measurements said: “This is a hugely exciting opportunity for us to work alongside the NHS to offer more access and quality diagnostics for the patients in the Dartford, Gravesham and Swanley area. We are an award winning provider of community diagnostic services with over ten years of experience in providing high quality investigations for patients, using the latest technology. We hope to improve patient experience and continue to develop our local services.”

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