Guidelines for Professional Ultrasound Practice

We have pleasure introducing the updated ‘Guidelines for Professional Ultrasound Practice’, previously known as the ‘UKAS Guidelines’.

The last UKAS edition was produced in 2008. UKAS has since merged with the Society and College of Radiographers so, while UKAS no longer exists, its legacy lives on in this revised document. It is a testament to the quality of the original Guidelines that some sections are relatively unchanged. The advice is equally relevant today as it was then. Guidelines, however, need to keep pace with evolving technology, changes in practice and professional progression. For this reason it was decided to produce the revised version as a web-based document that can be regularly updated, amended and expanded as and when required.

As with all previous editions, these Guidelines are not designed to be prescriptive but to inform good practice. We hope they continue to be used in departments across the United Kingdom for years to come.

These revised 2022 Guidelines have been produced jointly by the Society and College of Radiographers and the British Medical Ultrasound Society and were initially published in December 2015.

Revisions to the guidelines have been published annually from December 2016 - to access the current revised document please click here


BMUS Professional Standards Committee

December 2022