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BMUS response to Severity of ASD Symptoms and their Correlation with the Presence of Copy Number Variations and Exposure to First Trimester Ultrasound, published in Autism Research

A study which described a potential link with first-trimester ultrasound scans and an increased risk of certain behaviours used in the diagnosis and grading of autism has been published recently.

While the British Medical Ultrasound Society take any safety considerations seriously and recommend full and independent investigation into claims regarding the safety of medical ultrasound, this study is limited in its scope and has design and statistical flaws (please see AIUM response).

Based on the current available evidence, it is the view of BMUS that ultrasound, when performed for a medical purpose and by a suitably trained professional using the ALARA principle, is safe, and beneficial, and there is no reason that patients should avoid necessary medical examinations as a result of the findings of this study.

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