Ultrasound 2015 DVT e-learning

Dear Delegate,

Thank you for registering on the BMUS Integrated Training Day on DVT Ultrasound.

In response to feedback from NHS staff hard pressed to find funding for study, overnight accommodation and travel, we have compressed the course to a 3 hour practical session to be delivered at this years ASM. This has advantages as we can cover both arms and legs.

However, the lectures loaded onto the BMUS website, mostly as talks which you can still listen to, add up to several more hours of study than would normally be delivered on a BMUS one day course and merit more CPD credits because of this. It is your responsibility to listen to them. Of course you will gain most from the practical session if you can do this in advance, as this will enable you to submit questions to the faculty.

We hope you enjoy the session, and any others you may be attending.

Ultrasound venography - Prof Neil Pugh 

DVT resources - presentations and movies