Scope of Sonographer Practice Survey

13th Apr 2021

We have launched the UK Sonographers’ Scope of Practice Survey.

If you are a sonographer currently practising in the NHS we really want to hear from you. 

There is wide variation in roles and duties of NHS sonographers and wide variation in what is considered standard, advanced and consultant level practice.  It is also known anecdotally that many sonographers over the years have gradually taken on more responsibility regarding patient management, research and training.  At the same time, others have felt their own training and development have stalled due to reaching the top of their pay band.  What is not known are the proportions of the workforce who are autonomous and feeling fulfilled or who are dependent and underused.  It is therefore anticipated this much needed survey will provide a snapshot of what the UK NHS sonographer workforce is doing and how they feel about their current positions.

Please complete this 15 minute survey and feel free to forward the link to those who may not otherwise have access. The information provided will be analysed and the findings published as soon as possible.  We will use the information to map practice, identify variation and make recommendations for change.

The survey will close on 30th April 2021


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