New BMUS Guidance Documents!

9th Jul 2015


Audit of clinical practice within any ultrasound service, large or small, is essential but difficult. There has been several studies on evaluating methods of audit, and whilst some established systems work well in some teams they can be detrimental in others. The BMUS professional standards group is a committee of experts who have reviewed existing audit systems and collated the best aspects to produce a tool that can be utilised to audit the practice of any diagnostic ultrasound service.

The tool enables practitioners to systematically review the standards of their own and their peers’ imaging and reports. Whilst the clinical audit process is subjective, the BMUS recommended tool enables a standard process to be undertaken by all practitioners involved within the service.

Local discussion will need to take place to determine the best use of this tool in individual services. BMUS recommends that this tool is used in conjunction with case review or discrepancy meetings so that learning outcomes can be maximised within the team.

The audit tool is available free of charge for all BMUS members and can be found on the BMUS website, in the Member’s Section

To support the use of this tool BMUS is holding a Professional Issues study day in Manchester on 14th October 2015. Delegates at this event will have the opportunity to participate in an audit and discrepancy meeting process, using this tool and delivered by members of the professional standards group. To be part of this fantastic learning opportunity book your place now.

The BMUS Professional Standards Group is now working with the Society of Radiographers on producing an updated professional standards document for sonographers to be launched at the BMUS ASM being held in Cardiff in December 2015. This new publication will include further information regarding audit processes and will give advice and guidance on running productive discrepancy meetings.


In response to growing demand for ultrasound services and the pressures this is putting on providers, the BMUS Professional Standards Group have produced a new guidance document to assist ultrasound providers with vetting primary care referrals for ultrasound. This has been produced to support departments to make best use of their resources and to help ensure only appropriate referrals are accepted.

This document should be used to assist and underpin any local guidelines that are produced. Local discussion will need to take place to determine the best use of this guidance in individual services. Reference is made to iRefer and should be used in conjunction with this publication.

The Professional Standards Group welcome your feedback with regards this guidance with a view to future revisions of this document.

The BMUS Justification for Referrals Guidance document tool is available free of charge for all BMUS members and can be found in the Member’s Section of the BMUS website. 

Study days, professional advice and guidelines such as this justification document and the audit tool are a few of the great benefits of being a BMUS member. Join BMUS now and support your profession.  For details of membership please go to

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