BMUS Journal Club

21st Jul 2020

BMUS is launching an online Ultrasound Journal Club in August 2020. To learn more read on to join in follow our designated club twitter account @BMUS_JC 

What is the Journal Club?

It is a quarterly club hosted on twitter. It aims to bring together ultrasound users every quarter in August, October, February and May to discuss ultrasound articles, raise awareness of the journal and build a community. 

How does it work?

Each quarter there is an editor’s choice article that is made freely available. The article is available for two weeks. A date and time are set towards the end of the two weeks for online discussion of the article. This date and time will be promoted through BMUS Social Media accounts as well as Ultrapost. For at least a month before the discussion.

The discussion will take place on twitter and be facilitated by a BMUS Committee member through the club’s twitter account @BMUS_JC.

3-4 discussion topics or questions will be set to stimulate discussion and move it a long each will last 15-20 minutes. Each will be tagged #D1, #D2, #D3, #D4 and responses to these dicussion topics should be tagged in the same way. 

If joining in the discussion please use the #BMUS_JC and tag the club account in it @BMUS_JC.

Who can join in?

Anyone with a twitter account with an interest in Ultrasound. If you would like to set up a twitter account please go to

For more information and helpful hints and tips and details of the first BMUS Jounral Club please see our BMUS Journal Club Webpage. 

We are supported in this by SWaP (Sonographers Writing and Publishing) Community. If you are not familiar with SWaP please click here and scroll down

First Journal Club

The first discussion will take place on 20th August at 7.30pm (BST)

The article for the first Journal Club is 

Sonographers’ level of autonomy in communication in Australian obstetric settings: Does it affect their professional identity?
This is available here to all as the editor’s choice article till 21st August.  

Discussion topics (#D1, #D2, #D3 etc)

#D1: Disclosure of results by sonographers in Australia depends on the setting in which they work. What situations in the UK do we have that means we may not always give full results to the patient? #BMUS_JC

#D2 Based on our own experiences in the UK, how might some of the barriers to communication/disclosure of results experienced by sonographers in Australia be overcome or reduced? #BMUS_JC

#D3. Is there an advantage in not giving full results to pregnant women? #BMUS_JC

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