Webinar: MSK Case Studies Part 2

2nd Dec 2020

This Webinar session will see two MSK themed Webinars. By registering you will have access to both Webinars through the link you will be sent 24hrs before the release. 

The Webinars are: 

Sagittal Band - The Forgotten Strucutre
The sagittal band is a ribbon like ligament, encircling and stabilising the extensor tendons centrally over the MCP joint during flexion and extension of a finger. This case study presents a patient with a sagittal band rupture and includes alternative abnormalities, that can be seen on Ultrasound on the dorsal aspect of the finger.

Interesting Case: Case of Lateral Ankle Pain
An interesting case study describing a less commonly ultrasound identified cause for lateral ankle pain. This case was/is a gentle reminder to not only assess the anatomy associated with the clinical question, but to also assess the region of pain.

The webinar is scheduled for release at 7pm Wednesday 2nd December. The Webinar will be available to watch from 7pm on 2nd December until midday on 15th December. 

You will recieve attendance details on 1st December via email. Please look out for these.

Bookings close on 1st December at Midday. 

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