International Hepatology Ultrasound Course 2018

Day 1 - Friday 1st June

Sonographic appearance of normal liver anatomy Dr Ivica Grgurevic
Clinical Applications of Doppler Ultrasound Dr Ivica Grgurevic

Day 2 - Saturday 2nd June

From Acute hetatitis to liver failure                               Dr Matteo Rosselli
Chronic liver disease Prof Ioan Sporea
NAFLD Dr David Roccarina
Ultrasound signs of portal hypertension Dr David Roccarina

Day 3 - Sunday 3rd June

EFSUMB elastography guidelines Prof Ioan Sporea
Elatography and the impact of confounding facotors     Dr Ivica Grgurevic
Elastography and portal hypertension Dr Davide Roccarina
Can Elastography be used in all liver diseases  Dr Matteo Rosselli
Elastography in viral hepatitis related liver disease  Prof Ioan Sporea