Diagnostic Thoracic Ultrasound Imaging - an exploration of respiratory physiotherapists' interest and use in the clinical practice: A National Survey

Simon Hayward, Blackpool Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust 


Diagnostic thoracic ultrasound (TUS) is an imaging modality used to assess the lung and has enhanced accuracy when compared to chest radiography (CXR). This ability to accurately assess pulmonary pathologies would be a useful skill for respiratory physiotherapists to possess. Physiotherapists do not routinely learn to perform TUS; however, they are now beginning to perform TUS as autonomous practitioners. Training opportunities are limited so it is currently unknown how they are learning TUS, how they are using TUS in their practice, or any factors they may encounter when trying to integrate TUS into practice. The aim of this study was to explore the use of TUS by respiratory physiotherapists through a national UK wide questionnaire. This information could be used to aid the future development of training and implementation strategies to assist physiotherapists to integrate TUS in their practice

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