A simple method for measuring ultrasound slice thickness with depth

Steven Jackson, Patricia Amata, Stephen Russell, Christie Medical Physics and Engineering, Christie NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester.


Any changes in slice thickness incurred by lens repair or replacement may be clinically relevant. A simple method for measuring ultrasound beam slice thickness with depth has been devised. The technique aims to allow quantification of acoustic lens wear via changes in measured slice thickness at different stages of a transducer’s working life. Proof of principle of the technique has been established, with the theory and method described in an accompanying submission.

Method/Results obtained

This poster displays and discusses example images from tests on a range of scanners and transducers. The transducers have been selected such that a cross section of transducer ages and differing levels of acoustic lens wear are represented. Visual representation of the measured slice thickness is displayed to show the simplicity of interpreting the data acquired by the technique.


The newly devised method can give quantitative information about the ultrasound beam slice thickness of a clinical transducer. By comparing repeat measurements over time quantitative assessment of acoustic lens wear can be performed.

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