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Practical Ultrasound: An Illustrated Guide (2nd edition) 29-03-2013  
Practical Ultrasound contains everything you need to know to become competent in learning the skills of ultrasound scanning. This essential illustrated guide will enable you to use the equipment and interpret the images on screen accurately. ..... more
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The following list are textbooks recommended by CASE Accredited Universities.

Each list item is linked to full information concerning the publication with the option to buy via the web site. The list is divided into eight main categories below, click on a category to go straight to the associated list of textbooks.
Clinical Doppler Ultrasound (Paperback)   MORE INFO & BUY
by Paul L. Allan (Author), W. Norman McDicken (Author), Myron A. Pozniak (Author), Paul A. Dubbins (Author)
Diagnostic Ultrasound: Physics, Biology and Instrumentation (Hardcover)    MORE INFO & BUY
by Stewart C. Bushong (Author), B. Archer (Author)
Doppler Ultrasound: Physics, Instrumentation and Signal Processing (Hardcover)   MORE INFO & BUY
by D.H. Evans (Author), W.N. McDicken (Author)
Physics and Instrumentation of Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound (Paperback)   MORE INFO & BUY
by Peter Fish (Author)
Ultrasound Contrast Agents (Hardcover)    MORE INFO & BUY
by Barry B. Goldberg (Author)
Principles of Doppler and Color Doppler Imaging (Paperback)   MORE INFO & BUY
by R. Haerten (Author), M. Mueck (Author)
Physical Principles of Medical Ultrasonics (Hardcover)    MORE INFO & BUY
by C.R. Hill (Editor), Jeffrey C. Bamber (Editor), G.R.Ter Haar (Editor)
Teaching Manual of Color Duplex Sonography (Paperback)   MORE INFO & BUY
by M. Hofer (Author), Matthias Hofer (Editor), T.C. Telger (Translator)
Diagnostic Ultrasound: Physics and Equipment (Paperback)   MORE INFO & BUY
by Peter Hoskins (Author), Abigail Thrush (Author), Kevin Martin (Author), Tony Whittingam (Author)
Ultrasound Physics and Instrumentation (Hardcover)    MORE INFO & BUY
by Wayne R. Hedrick (Author), David L. Hykes (Author), Dale E. Starchman (Author)
Doppler Ultrasound (Hardcover)    MORE INFO & BUY
by Frederick W. Kremkau (Author)
Diagnostic Ultrasound: Principles and Instruments (Hardcover) 1995   MORE INFO & BUY
by Frederick W. Kremkau (Author)
Diagnostic Ultrasound: Principles and Instruments (Hardcover) 2001   MORE INFO & BUY
by Frederick W. Kremkau (Author)
Diagnostic Ultrasonics: Principles and Use of Instruments (Hardcover)   MORE INFO & BUY
by W.N. McDicken (Author)
Doppler Colour Imaging (Clinics in Diagnostic Ultrasound) (Hardcover)    MORE INFO & BUY
by Christopher R.B. Merritt (Author)
Duplex Doppler Ultrasound (Clinics in Diagnostic Ultrasound) (Hardcover)    MORE INFO & BUY
by Kenneth J.W. Taylor (Author), D.Eugene Strandness (Author)
Clinical Applications of Doppler Ultrasound (Hardcover)    MORE INFO & BUY
by Kenneth J.W. Taylor (Editor), Peter N. Burns (Editor), Peter N.T. Wells (Editor)
Essentials of Ultrasound Physics (Paperback)    MORE INFO & BUY
by James A. Zagzebski (Author)
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Routine Quality Assurance of Ultrasound Imaging Systems (Report) (Paperback)    MORE INFO & BUY
by R. Price (Author), M. Docker (Author), K. Martin (Author), D. McHugh (Author), J. Pelmore (Author)
Learning Contracts: A Practical Guide (Paperback)    MORE INFO & BUY
by Geoff Anderson (Author), David Boud (Author), Jane Sampson (Author)
Principles of Biomedical Ethics (Paperback)    MORE INFO & BUY
by Tom L. Beauchamp (Author), James F. Childress (Author)
Research Methods in Health: Investigating Health and Health Services (Paperback)    MORE INFO & BUY
by Ann Bowling (Author)
Protecting the Vulnerable: Autonomy and Consent in Health Care (Social Ethics & Policy) (Hardcover)    MORE INFO & BUY
by Margaret Brazier (Editor), Mary Lobjoit (Editor)
How to Break Bad News Pb: A Guide for Health Care Professionals (Paperback)    MORE INFO & BUY
by Buckman (Author)
Critical Reading for the Reflective Practitioner: A Practical Guide (Paperback)    MORE INFO & BUY
by Robert Clarke (Author), Peter Croft (Author)
Essentials of Sonography and Patient Care (Paperback)    MORE INFO & BUY
by Marveen Craig (Author)
Counselling in Medical Settings (Counselling in Context) (Paperback)    MORE INFO & BUY
by Patricia East (Author)
Achieving Evidence Based Practice: A Handbook for Practitioners (Paperback)    MORE INFO & BUY
by Susan Hamer (Author), Gill Collinson (Author)
Medical Ethics and Law: The Core Curriculum (Paperback)    MORE INFO & BUY
by Tony Hope (Author), Julian Savulescu (Author), Judith Hendrick (Author)
Clinical Audit in Radiology: 100+ Recipes (Paperback)    MORE INFO & BUY
by R. Godwin (Editor)
Clinical Guidelines and the Law: Negligence, Discretion and Judgement (Paperback)    MORE INFO & BUY
by Brian Hurwitz (Author)
Foundations in Nursing and Health Care: Beginning Reflective Practice (Foundations in Nursing & Health Care) (Paperback)    MORE INFO & BUY
by Melanie Jasper (Author)
Becoming a Reflective Practitioner (Paperback)    MORE INFO & BUY
by Chris Johns (Author)
Reflective Teaching and Learning in the Health Professions (Paperback)    MORE INFO & BUY
by David Kember (Editor)
Making Use of Clinical Audit: A Guide to Practice in the Health Professions (Health Services Management) (Paperback)    MORE INFO & BUY
by Maurice Kogan (Author), Sally Redfern (Author), Anemone Kober (Author), Ian Norman (Author), Tim Packwood (Author), Sarah Robinson (Author)
Mason and McCall Smith's Law and Medical Ethics (Paperback)    MORE INFO & BUY
by Kenyon Mason (Author), Graeme Laurie (Author)
An Introduction to Counselling (Paperback)    MORE INFO & BUY
by John McLeod (Author)
Profiles and Portfolios of Evidence (Foundations in Nursing & Health Care) (Paperback)    MORE INFO & BUY
by Ruth Pearce (Author), Maureen Smojkis (Author)
Pocket Companion to Robbins and Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease (Paperback)    MORE INFO & BUY
by Richard Mitchell (Author), Vinay Kumar (Author), Nelson Fausto (Author), A.K. Abbas (Author)
Evidence-Based Medicine: How to Practice and Teach EBM (Book with CD-ROM) (Turtleback)    MORE INFO & BUY
by Sharon E. Straus (Author), W. Scott Richardson (Author), William Rosenberg (Author), R.Brian Haynes (Author), David L. Sackett (Author)
At a Loss: Bereavement Care When a Baby Dies (Paperback)    MORE INFO & BUY
by Alison Stewart (Author), Ann Leslie Dent (Author)
Clinical Governance in Healthcare Practice (Paperback)    MORE INFO & BUY
by Thoreya Swage (Author)
The Safe Use of Ultrasound in Medical Diagnosis (Paperback)    MORE INFO & BUY
by Gunter Haar (Editor), F.A. Duck (Editor)
Human Values in Health Care: The Practice of Ethics (Paperback)    MORE INFO & BUY
by Richard A. Wright (Author)
Quality Assurance for Health Care: A Handbook (Hardcover)    MORE INFO & BUY
by Roger Ellis (Author), Dorothy Whittington (Author)
Practical Ultrasound: An Illustrated Guide, 2nd Edition [Paperback]    MORE INFO & BUY
by Jane Alty and Edward Hoey
Clinical Diagnostic Ultrasound (Hardcover)    MORE INFO & BUY
by G. Baxter (Editor), PLP Allan (Editor), Patricia Morley (Editor)
Diagnostic Ultrasound (Essentials of Medical Imaging) (Paperback)    MORE INFO & BUY
by Stewart C. Bushong (Author)
Exercises in Sonography: Introduction to Normal Structure and Function (Paperback)    MORE INFO & BUY
by Reva A. Curry (Author), Betty Bates Tempkin (Author)
Ultrasound Secrets (The Secrets Series) (Paperback)    MORE INFO & BUY
by Vikram S. Dogra (Author), Deborah J. Rubens (Author)
Ultrasound in Medicine (Medical Science) (Hardcover)    MORE INFO & BUY
by Francis A. Duck (Editor), A.C. Baker (Editor), H.C.A. Starritt (Editor)
Before Birth: Understanding Prenatal Screening (Hardcover)    MORE INFO & BUY
by E.M. Ettorre (Editor)
The A-Z Reference Book of Syndromes and Inherited Disorders (Paperback)    MORE INFO & BUY
by Patricia Gilbert (Author)
The Ultrasound Handbook: Clinical, Etiologic, Pathologic Implications of Sonographic Findings (Spiral-bound)     MORE INFO & BUY
by Rebecca Hall (Author)
Textbook of Diagnostic Ultrasonography (Hardcover)    MORE INFO & BUY
by Sandra L. Hagen-Ansert (Author)
Clinical Guide to Ultrasonography (Paperback)    MORE INFO & BUY
by Charlotte Henningsen (Author)
Pathophysiology: The Biologic Basis for Disease in Adults and Children (Hardcover)    MORE INFO & BUY
by Kathryn L. McCance (Author), Sue E. Huether (Author)
Clinical Ultrasound: A Comprehensive Text: Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (Hardcover)    MORE INFO & BUY
by Hylton B. Meire (Editor), David O. Cosgrove (Editor), Peter Wilde (Editor)
Basic Ultrasound (Paperback)    MORE INFO & BUY
by Hylton B. Meire (Author), Pat Farrant (Author)
Clinical Ultrasound: A Comprehensive Text: Abdominal and General Ultrasound (Hardcover)    MORE INFO & BUY
by Hylton B. Meire (Editor), Keith C. Dewbury (Editor), Peter Wilde (Editor)
Ultrasound: The Requisites (Requisites in Radiology) (Hardcover)    MORE INFO & BUY
by William D. Middleton (Author), Alfred B. Kurtz (Author), Barbara S. Hertzberg (Author)
Clinically Oriented Anatomy (Paperback)    MORE INFO & BUY
by Keith L. Moore (Author), Arthur F. Dalley (Author)
Diagnostic Ultrasound (Hardcover)    MORE INFO & BUY
by Carol M. Rumack (Author), S.R. Wilson (Author), J. William Charboneau (Author), Jo-Ann Johnson
Pocket Atlas of Normal Ultrasound Anatomy (Radiology Pocket Atlas Series) (Paperback)    MORE INFO & BUY
by Matthew D. Rifkin (Author), Larry Waldroup (Author), Mani Montazemi (Author, Editor), Robert Villani (Author, Editor)
Clinical Sonography: A Practical Guide (Paperback)    MORE INFO & BUY
by Roger C. Sanders (Author)
Measurement in Ultrasound: A Practical Handbook (Paperback)    MORE INFO & BUY
by Paul S. Sidhu (Author), Wui Chong (Author)
Advances in Ultrasound Techniques and Instrumentation (Clinics in Diagnostic Ultrasound) (Hardcover)     MORE INFO & BUY
by Peter N.T. Wells (Editor)
Essentials of Ultrasound (Hardcover)    MORE INFO & BUY
by Michael R. Williamson (Author)
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